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Fidendis Chinese Translations

If you are looking for high quality translation and interpretation, Fidendis is definitely your final stop!
We are a professional translation company located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have experience in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese translation and specialize in the localization of datasheets, manuals, websites, software interfaces, ads and packaging.

Our interpreter speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French.  She provides high quality commercial and court interpretation services.

Our team is composed of native Chinese translators, each with over 20 years of experience in translation. We are proud of our quality service.

What makes us different

For translation:

  • - We take the time to talk to clients about their needs and propose the solution that suites their need.
  • - We ask questions to make sure we understand the content. This is one factor that guarantees the quality of our service.
  • - We always respect deadlines.
  • - We let clients know if we find any mistakes in the original document.
  • - One of our translators has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and is specialized in technical documents translation.

For interpretation:

  • - Our interpreter speaks fluent English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese, which is very rare in Montreal.
  • - Our interpreter is punctual.
  • - Our interpreter provides high quality court interpretation. This is supported by comments from our clients.  
  • - Our interpreter has excellent interpersonal skills. In emotional moments, she shows compassion without losing professionalism.

We specialize in the following languages:

Translation (writing)
From English To Simplified & Traditional Chinese
  French   Simplified & Traditional Chinese
  Simplified & Traditional Chinese   English

Interpretation (oral)
Between  English  and  Mandarin
  French   Cantonese

Certified Chinese Translator

Certified for translation of three language pairs:

English -> Chinese
Chinese -> English
French -> Chinese